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Training For Students Who Graduated From School

It is imperative that majority of graduating students lack industry orientation. What they learn more in colleges / institutions are more of theoretical concepts. When it comes to put them in practice, they get lot of problem. Thus, many of IT companies when they induct fresher graduates, they conduct rigorous training program by imparting advanced technical skills, honing their communication and other inter-personal skills.

Today, employers look forward for quality manpower that can easily observe in the work environments and quickly play crucial role in accomplishing organizational objectives. Our Finishing School makes skilled and industry-ready graduates out of raw and fresh graduates. At our OMKARA SOLUTIONS [Finishing School], we create a bank of skilled hands who can be directly absorbed to the industry.

In order to extend the quality of understanding, industry awareness, and corporate behavior and finally increase one’s employability, we have establishing this world-class Finishing School. We are destined to go a long way in enhancing the employability of youth and fresh graduates across Andhra Pradesh.

Today, many students are not being able to secure employment in desired numbers in spite of having brilliant technical and analytical skills and competencies. The main reason behind such scenario, it majority of them lack a comprehensive approach or outlook when it comes to Job-Readiness.

To fill this gap, OMKARA SOLUTIONS has been spearheading customized services to students, fresh graduates and employees to sharpen their industry orientation with our Finishing School. Our team collectively put efforts to cater the needs of our stakeholders towards better employability.

Finishing School concentrates on students and fresher graduates who lack skills for securing better employment of choice, Specially with the new-age technology enabled sectors and domains. Finishing School is geared up to train these youth to complete those components of learning were missing in the traditional mode of learning.

We work closely with your placement cells and training divisions to produce better results and a sure success in the growth of placements

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